Formula help - identify multiple WBS (predecessors) based on matching entry and dates.


I'm needing help finding a formula that will accomplish the following:

Allowing PMs to enter WBS numbers into a column that that row is dependent on. They would need to be able to enter multiple possibly. This formula would then look at the Working Planned Start and end dates of those WBS rows and if that end date happens after the start date of the current row, some sort of indicator would be tripped (checkbox checked that would trigger automation).

I have a formula working if one WBS number is entered, but can't figure out how to write the formula if multiple WBS numbers are entered. I receive an #INVALID VALUE

Formula: =IF(ISBLANK([Search WBS]@row), 0, IF(ISBLANK(Start@row), 0, IF(INDEX(COLLECT(End:End, WBS:WBS, [Search WBS]@row), 1) >= Start@row, 1, IF(INDEX(COLLECT(Start:Start, WBS:WBS, [Search WBS]@row), 1) >= Start@row, 1))))


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