Triggering an Alert When Data in a Cell Changes


Is there a way to trigger an automation in Smartsheet when data in a cell has been changed from one thing to another after rows are added to a sheet? I keep trying to set up an automation to trigger a reminder (see below) but there doesn't seem to be a condition that matches what I need.

I need SS to send me an email when one of these cells is changed from one person to another...

But the condition doesn't have "is changed" option or one that best fits.

Any ideas on how to fix this?


  • rbuckner
    rbuckner ✭✭✭

    So the row is coming to the sheet with one of these roles assigned, "Writer", "Assessor", or "Reviewer", but then the status is changed, so that a different role is assigned to that role? I assume you then need to alert that person to their task because it wasn't initially assigned to them?

    How is the role being changed? Is it being done manually?

  • Brittany Mays

    So when the row initially comes to the sheet it's blank and we add in a person (value) to each of those cells. However, we need to create a "speed-bump" reminder to edit other cells in that row when that initial value is changed (or when the reviewer, writer, or assessor is changed from one value to another).

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