sum if status is not "Paid"

How do I add the invoice amount if the status is not "paid"? There a multiple other options.

=sumifs(invoice amount, invoice status, ? ) or can I add multiple, status's "1st Notice" "2nd Notice"


  • Kelly Moore
    Kelly Moore ✭✭✭✭✭✭

    Hello Samuel

    The function SUMIFS is the function you need. It uses the syntax of SUMIFS(range you want summed, range of 1st criteria, 1st criteria, range of 2nd criteria (if any), 2nd criteria (if any), range 3, criteria 3, etc).

    If you want to sum your [Invoice Amount] column when the status does not equal "Paid", try the formula below. This formula allows every except 'Paid' to be part of the sum. If you need other criteria added, let us know.

    =SUMIFS([Invoice Amount]:[Invoice Amount], Status:Status, @cell <> "Paid")

    Be sure to change the column names to match yours, remembering that column names that contain spaces or special characters must be enclosed in square brackets.



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