Keep sandbox (deveoper) account in sync with production smartsheet account


Good day,

Is it possible to use the Smartsheet API to keep data in sync between both accounts? i.e. replicating sheet data in workspaces, say once a day from production to sandbox.

Or will you need to build a 3rd party application to facilitate this?


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  • Ben Goldblatt

    Hi @Pierre Mostert,

    Keeping data in sync between accounts and having sheet data copy over repeatedly may be possible but if you're looking for anything beyond the cell data in the sheets you may run into some gaps with the API and I'm not sure that a 3rd party app would help. That being said, you may want to post this question in the larger, API-specific community on Stack Overflow to see if any users there may have ideas for what you're looking to accomplish.

    For documentation, sample codes, and other information pertaining to the Smartsheet API, visit the Developers portal.