Skip blank cells in a workingdays formula

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I am currently using this formula to calculate number of working days. On the same sheet, I have two different processes that I track. Some assets on rows do not complete both processes so there are blank cells.

=NETWORKDAYS([MPT Start Date]@row, [MPT Due Date]@row)

How do I tell the formula if the start and end date are blank, insert a 0 in the column.

I will be adding a widget to my dashboard that will average this column and I believe the error messages I currently see will prevent me from asking the column to provide an aver number of working days.

Can you assist me with this please? Thank you!!


  • Leibel SLeibel S ✭✭✭✭


    Try the below:

    =IF(AND([MPT Start Date]@row<>"",[MPT Due Date]@row<>""),NETWORKDAYS([MPT Start Date]@row, [MPT Due Date]@row),"")

    This will leave it blank (not a 0) if you are not using the process.

    Probably better to do it this way if you plan averaging the column...

  • TbechTbech ✭✭✭✭

    Thanks so very much!!!!

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