Cross Sheet Functions Don't Update Quickly

TLDR: I have sheets with interrelated information that need to update concurrently. It works, but there's a lag, and I'm often forced to hit refresh on multiple sheets to get all the data to shake out. I can't role this out to my group like this because it's too manual. I need the sheets to update faster, or at the very least for me to be able to hit refresh once.

Problem Summary in Full:

I am creating a material test database.

  • In my Material Master sheet I have a list of materials (rows) with tests that can be run (columns flagged with True/False), as well as a number of variable attributes that impact how the tests are run for each material (additional columns).
  • In my Test Master sheet I have the tests. The tests change based on the variable attributes for an individual material (again, the test attributes are found in the the Material Master). I pull the applicable material number from...
  • Test Summary sheet, where I enter a material number (in [Column1]$1). Formulas in the Test Master sheet read that number and update the tests in the Test Master based on the applicable variables in the Material Master sheet. At the same time, the Test Summary sheet reviews the Material Master and, based on the material number in [Column]$1, creates a list of tests.

When I enter a number in the Test Summary sheet, however, everything sits there for a minute or two. I can save/refresh the Test Summary sheet, and that sometimes updates things, but in order to be sure, I have to go and refresh the Test Master sheet, then refresh the Test Summary sheet. This is way too clunky. Is there a way to force all these pages to update? @Paul Newcome?

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