Seriously?! Can't use a formula derived date in Gantt view?


Always something with Smartsheet as soon as you dig one layer deeper to come up with a solution... so frustrating!

I am referencing this thread: to help with creating an end date using a simple formula run against a start date. Cool, seems simple enough.

However this "End Date" date field CANNOT be used in Gantt view because it is derived from a formula (ie. '=Start@row + 30'

This is absolutely useless and, honestly, moronic. Why is a formula derived date so different than a regular date field?????



  • Genevieve P.
    Genevieve P. Employee Admin

    Hi @h1pst3r88

    You can use formulas to create Start and End dates for a Gantt chart as long as Dependencies or Resource Management are not enabled. If you're only using the Project Sheet for a Gantt chart, turn off Dependencies in the Project Setting and then you'll be able to use =Start@row + 30!

    However if you are also using Dependencies, then you are correct, formulas cannot be placed in that type of column. This is because the End Date is already being derived from a formula... namely the Start Date + the Duration, or it's based off of the row that it's potentially dependent on.

    You can see a list of areas where formula use is restricted in our Help Center, here, or find more information on Start and End dates in Project Settings here.



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