SUMIFS and Weekday to pull totals for report weekly


Hi all,

I am trying to figure out a way to 1). sum data coming in between Monday and Saturday) in the sheet summary, and 2). use this to create a report with totals based on our workweek (Monday-Saturday).

I created a helper column to utilize the "WEEKDAY" function ("Date Lab Results RCVD Helper"). Getting this to sum the data seemed to work fine with the following:

=SUMIFS([Quantity of Units]:[Quantity of Units], [Date Lab Results RCVD Helper]:[Date Lab Results RCVD Helper], @cell <= "2"

Can I use the TODAY function in addition to the above SUMIF to make sure only this week is being pulled?

([Date Lab Results RCVD]:[Date Lab Results RCVD], @cell = TODAY()-7)

I feel like I'm probably over thinking it.


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