Charting non-numerical values in a dashboard


Forgive me if this is an easy fix, but I'm new to Smartsheet.

I'm trying to chart the status of projects on a dashboard - e.g. 30 in progress, 10 behind schedule, 5 overdue. For metrics, you can simply use a sheet summary and countif and insert the data, but for charts, there's no option to use the sheet summary data.

So I've created a new sheet so that I can use countif to generate the counts. My problem is that my values are returning 0.

The formula I've used is =Countif({Project Status}, "In Progress") which to my lay mind should return the value of 30 where {Project Status} is the name I've used in generating the cross-sheet reference and 30 is the number of projects that have a status of "In Progress".

However, it's returning the value of 0.

I'm obviously doing something very simple wrong but I can't see it.

Any help would be appreciated.

Thanks in Advance!



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