Subtracting values from cells not working correctly.

I have some countifs functions in some cells and I'm trying to subtract the value of one cell from the other. For some reason the value I'm getting when subtracting the cells is completely wrong and I'm not sure why.

Unless I'm very mistaken I think 8 -3 -4 shouldn't be equal to 5.


  • I came back to it an hour or so later and it looks like the value has changed to the correct value now. But I'm still not fully sure why it wouldn't immediately change. Especially since I had refreshed the sheet previously and that hadn't fixed the problem.

  • Genevieve P.
    Genevieve P. Employee Admin

    Hi @Daniel Comninos

    I'm glad that the formula is working for you now! I would suggest that you may want to include parentheses in your statement so it know what order to work in... for example:

    = ([Total Tasks]@row - [Completed Tasks]@row) - [Overdue Tasks]@row


    = [Total Tasks]@row - ([Completed Tasks]@row + [Overdue Tasks]@row)



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