Obtaining an answer frequency (count) from a multi-answer cell (populated via form)


All, I'm really struggling!

I have a column, populated via a form, that allows for many choices of Activity the user engages in.

I want to count the total number of times an Activity choice is selected. ie, the frequency at which an activity is chosen for that user, (and utlitmately that user profile).

I've been trying countif, countif with has, countif with contains...nothing , I get 0 as the count

I'd like to have these calculation functions on a different smartsheet to the one that received the survey inputs.

My two sheets are

CTSA survey (where form data goes). the column with multiple activity responses from the form is called "Activity"

Activity Survey Summary (where i'd like to do all the counting!). The primary column of this sheet has the list of all Activity choices, one per cell listed in the first column.



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