Link directly to a single card in card view

Answered - Pending Review

I would like to share a link with coworkers which opens a Smartsheet in card view, and opens the card view popup for a single card which was specified by the URL. Is this possible? I am already using the API, so I could stitch the URL together myself based on the back end Sheet ID and Row ID if that is helpful.


  • Hello @Terry Seanard ,

    I feel this may not be possible as of now, as Card View often displays multiple Cards rather than individual Cards.

    As the "View By" is based on Dropdown Lists, you could always create a Dropdown List Column for specific c#Cards, and then use the "View By" filter to show only specific Cards.

    Nonetheless, please feel free to raise an Enhancement Request to our Product Team by opening the Hamburger Menu / 3 Horizontal Line menu in the top left of this page.

    Let me know if you have any questions.



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