Request for enhancement: Add functionality to deactivate workflows

Stefan ✭✭✭✭✭✭

Dear community,

I sent an enhancement request today and hope you can help to push this onto the roadmap.

Here is the story.


A third party tool is used (access via API) to regularly backup items with 100% functionality (incl. workflows). Some of the sheets have many workflows and some are not simple "trigger -> send alarm" automations. 


Third party tool cannot deactivate workflows, so this has to be done manually! Reason is, that the API can only either delete workflows, or leave them untouched.

Standard expectation for backups is:

- save 100% but remove sharing and deactivate workflows (for obvious reasons)

- to be able to restore the fully functional items including automations

Expectation from a business perspective towards Smartsheet

Continuously improving workflows leads to more companies developing solutions with more complex workflows. Developing them costs time and money making them interesting to backup.

So please Smartsheet do the little API addition to allow at least 3rd party tools to care for backups of valuable content. 



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