Is there a way to make a field required or highlighted based on a value from another column?

I would like to make our columns Risk/Issue and Mitigation either required or highlighted if our columns State or Dates Alert are in either Yellow or Red. Additionally, I would like to clear this field if both the State or Dates Alert are green if there were previously notes in those fields. Thank you!


  • SoS | Dan Palenchar
    SoS | Dan Palenchar ✭✭✭✭✭✭

    If you are having users enter data via a form you can make any field required.

    Regardless of the method of data entry, you can use conditional formatting to achieve the highlighting you described. Another way you can help facilitate complete data entry is by using automated update requests to notify users information is missing and give them a fillable form to add it.

    If you use a formula in your Risk/Issue and Mitigation columns, you can use formula logic to have these columns be blank based on any criteria you like. For this to work, the formula logic would need to take into account all of the possible scenarios and furthermore the Sheet will need to capture appropriate data to create the output of the formula.

    So in short, pretty much everything you want to do can be done if the Sheet is architected properly.

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  • Can I make a column required based on a value from another column? If so, how?

  • Can this be done in sheets without the form?

  • I am still Struggling to find out how to make a column mandatory without a form

  • I am not aware of a way to make a column mandatory when using it in sheet mode - a form is the only method I'm aware of that enforces a required field.

    However, in your sheet, you could create an automation that looks for missing required column cells and notify "someone" that the information is missing; please update. (via update request)

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