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Smartsheet mobile app

Is there a way to dial a phone number on a sheet staright from the mobille app on Android?


  • Hi Peter,


    Performance on the Android app was noticeably slower due to the way Android OS scans the app and parses for eligible phone numbers—so we had to prevent Android OS from creating phone number dial links within Smartsheet.


    Currently, this function is only available on iOS, but we'll definitely add it back to the Android app as long as it doesn't decrease performance.

  • Thank you. Appreciate your response. I dont know anyone that uses apple phones in business anymore so it will be good for all when we get that function back. Do you know when that will be?



  • Hi Peter,


    Since this is dependent on Android OS changing the way that they create a callable link to a number, and not on Smartsheet, I don't have a timeframe for when we'll be able to add this feature back to the Android app.

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