Formula for Countifs including a date range


Hi, I'm trying to calculate the number of meetings in a time range for an employee named Rebecca. The sheet is a list of all employee meetings over 2021 as a whole. First column the employee name, then the date of the meeting. I'm trying to count the number of meetings for employees for each quarter.

Time frame = first quarter 2021

1st Column Name = Contact (name of the employee - a smartsheet contact column)

2nd Column Name = Date of Meeting (a smartsheet date column)

Here is the formula I am using.

=COUNTIFS([Date of Meeting]:[Date of Meeting], &>=DATE(2021,01,01),<=DATE(2021,03,31), [Contact]:[Contact], ="Rebecca Robinson"]. I keep getting unparseable, and I am having a lot of trouble. Keep trying it different ways. I seem to get a good result for 1 meeting date, but when i try to expand to a date range, i can't get it.

Thanks if you think you can help!

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