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For some reason I can't get a V-Lookup to work when referencing another sheet. In the first attachment I am showing the formula. My intention is to look up the country (Mexico in line 1) against a separate Smartsheet showing the bank holidays for all countries and return the bank holiday. The formula I am attempting to enter is: =VLOOKUP([Country]1, {Bank Holidays - Mar-21 Range 1}, 2, false) - however, it keeps changing to =VLOOKUP(Country1, {Bank Holidays - Mar-21 Range 1}, 2, false) and then returning "#INVALID COLUMN" error. I have also attached a screenshot of the bank holiday reference sheet that I am using to pull the data. 

Grateful for any help received! Thanks

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  • Bassam Khalil
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    Hi @Georgina Thurlow

    Hope you are fine, as i see from the screenshot you attached the formulas must be as following:

    1- {Bank Holidays - Mar-21 Range 1} is contained the columns from ( Country To Bank Holidays 3)

    2-Bank Holidays 1 =VLOOKUP(Country@row, {Bank Holidays - Mar-21 Range 1}, 9)

    3-Bank Holidays 2 =VLOOKUP(Country@row, {Bank Holidays - Mar-21 Range 1}, 10)

    4-Bank Holidays 3 =VLOOKUP(Country@row, {Bank Holidays - Mar-21 Range 1}, 11)

    and for sure it must be DATE type columns. then the formula will work without any problem

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