CONTIFS Formula - 3 Ranges including a multi-dropdown



I am currently trying to pull a count of all External Content types (ex. linkedin article, blog) tied to a specific pillar from a sheet (NOT using @row to count on master sheet). The pillar column is a multi dropdown. I need to count each time a pillar is associated to a content type.

We may have

Blog Post tied to pillar 1 and pillar 2 via multi-dropdown.

I've been playing around with formulas using HAS, CONTAINS, etc. to catch a count anytime a specific pillar is selected, and have had no luck. Here is the current formula I've tried:

=COUNTIFS({Comms Development Content Status Published/Live}, "Published/Live", {External Communications Plan Range 1Pillar}, CONTAINS("Culture"), {Ex Comms Plan Content Type}, ="Blog Post")

These are the column titles if it helps


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