Webhook events


My company is looking for a way to export a project's data (including attachments) when it is checkmarked as complete in our projects list sheet. We would like to append this information to an excel spreadsheet or a google sheet.

The workflow that I had in mind is that when an order is checked as complete, it triggers an event which then notifies my node application. The application knows what order has been marked and fetches further data on that project. Take that data, reformat it, and append it in another file (i.e. Excel or Google sheet).

Webhooks seem like a possible solution to this problem. I have already gone through the node-webhook-sample, but I am stuck on how to create and trigger specific events rather than all events (["."]). Help?



  • Samuel Hollis

    I would like to do the same thing. Have you looked at Microsoft's Power Automate? There's a smartsheet connector that can be triggered and excel connector to out data into. There is also an option to use webhooks too using a one of the html connectors.

    Also, you can generate an api key and use it in power query with the "From Web" option. Thats an easy way to get smartsheet data into excel.