Trying to return a value of yes or no based on a previous column

My options in my first column (Change Type)

E-mail Change, Phone Number Change, Trainer Change, Department Change, Shift Change, and Pay Change.

In my next Column (Approval Required) I'm trying to get it to show whether approval is required or not which is not the case for E-mail or phone number change. I have have tried several formulas to get this to work, My most recent :

=IF([Change Type]@row = "E-mail Change","No","Yes"),or(if([Change Type]@row="Phone Number Change", "No", "Yes"))

I've also tried:

=IF([Change Type]@row = "E-mail change", OR("Phone Number Change", "No", "Yes"))

=IF(OR([Change Type]@row = "E-mail Change", [Change Type]@row = "Phone Number Change", "No", "Yes"))

=IF(OR([Change Type]@row = "E-mail Change"), [Change Type]@row = "Phone Number Change", "No", "Yes")

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