SumIF Cross Sheet


I am simply trying to summarize AR data for a dashboard on a summary sheet. I need to know the balance due for each company totaled up. Below is one of many attempts I have tried. There are only six options so I canmanually update the formaula for each company but that didnt work either. What am I messing up? Thank You


  • I don't think there is suppose to be an = sign before [email protected] Should look like

    =SUMIF({IBIG Accounts Receivable Range 2},[email protected], {IBIG Accounts Receivable Range 3})

  • Updated it but still cant get anything but zero?I've tried everything I can think of. I am sure it is something stupid, but cannot figure it out

  • Hi @IrohGroup1

    Can I clarify what your two ranges are looking at? SUMIF and SUMIFS (plural) have opposite structures. In a SUMIF (singular) statement, the range to SUM goes at the end:

    SUMIF(range, criterion, sum_range)

    In a SUMIFS (plural), then the SUM range is the first one in the list. Can you confirm that your structure is as follows:

    =SUMIF({Company Column}, [email protected], {Column to SUM})

    If this isn't the issue, then it's possible that the formula either isn't finding the criteria (the "Company" is spelled differently between the sheets), or that the SUM range is somehow not seen as Numerical. What type of column is the one that has the balance due? Is there a formula in that column that could be converting your balance into text instead of numbers?



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