Combining Multiple IF statements to translate Symbols


I created a formula that turns the 5 Star rating system into a points value.

1 Star = 10 points, 2 Stars = 20 points, etc.

I want to combine all those IF statements into each row so that it auto returns the correct value. I've tried:

=IF(Rate@row = "One", "10”),(Rate@row = "Two", "20”),(Rate@row = "Three”, “30”),(Rate@row = “Four”, “40”),(Rate@row = “Five”, “50")

But I get unparsable. Thanks in advance.


  • Kelly Moore
    Kelly Moore ✭✭✭✭✭✭

    Hey @Jessica Fisher

    When nesting IFs, leave the IF open so that both the true and false (if any) will execute. In this case the next IF is part of the false statement to the preceeding IF. Note that the IFs close , one by one, at the very end of the formula.

    =IF(Rate@row = "One", 10, IF(Rate@row = "Two", 20, IF(Rate@row = "Three”, 30, IF(Rate@row = “Four”, 40, IF(Rate@row = “Five”, 50)))))


  • Jessica Fisher
    edited 03/07/21

    Hi @KDM thank you, sadly I'm still getting unparseable with that solution. Any other thoughts?

  • Kelly Moore
    Kelly Moore ✭✭✭✭✭✭

    Perhaps it is just an illusion from the screenshot - are your quote marks all the same? Some look different in the pic. Be sure they aren't the curly quotes.

    This is working on my test sheet

    =IF(Rate@row = "One", 10, IF(Rate@row = "Two", 20, IF(Rate@row = "Three", 30, IF(Rate@row = "Four", 40, IF(Rate@row = "Five", 50))))) please just copy and paste

    Let me know


  • @KDM Thanks - I had copy/pasted the first time too but this time it worked. Something just didn't take I guess. Thanks so much!

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