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Melisa Dannhauser
Melisa Dannhauser ✭✭✭
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I cannot wrap my head around the fact that the logic for forms doesn't have an AND option or a HIDE option instead of "show".

I'm trying to display a field based on 2 conditions from 2 separate fields (they are both dropdown fields)


If Category field is "budget" and Type field is "baseline" then show the "initial budget" field only

If Category field is "budget" and Type field is "change" then show the "initial budget" field as well as "revised budget" field.


If Category field is "schedule" and Type field is "baseline" then show the "initial schedule" field only.

If Category field is "schedule" and Type field is "change" then show the "initial schedule" field as well as "revised schedule" field.


If Category field is "schedule" AND "budget" and Type field is "baseline" then show the "initial Schedule" and "initial budget" fields only.

If Category field is "schedule" AND "budget" and Type filed is "change" then show all fields ("initial schedule", "initial budget", "revised schedule", "revised budget")

How do I accomplish that?? No matter what conditions I select, it never shows the fields the way I want them. I have used many different form builders before and never had an issue because they were all built in a way that lets you HIDE a field based on certain conditions. But SS only has a "show field" option as condition so my mind just can't figure out what I need to select to make my fields show as desired.

Any help is appreciated!!


  • Genevieve P.
    Genevieve P. Employee Admin

    Hi @Melisa Dannhauser

    You're right, there currently isn't a way to add in an "AND" statement into the Form's Conditional Logic at this time. (Please submit your feedback to our Product Team, here!)

    The way I would personally set this up is to actually have all the Category and Type options in the same dropdown... for example:

    Column: Category & Type

    Values: Budget - Baseline / Budget - Change / Schedule - Baseline / Schedule - Change

    This way each selection would have its own logic and fields to show.

    If you don't want to see this helper-column in your sheet, you could hide it and use formulas to auto-populate your other two dropdowns based on what was selected so the values are separated into two columns in the sheet itself. Let me know if you'd like to do this and I'm happy to help with the formulas as well.



  • Melisa Dannhauser

    Thank you for your answers. Changing dropdowns isn't an option at this time and helper column won't help because this is a sheet with many different workflows based on selections, it would make things way more complicated. I have given up on doing the conditional logic for now until a better way is available.

  • mrkjones1979

    I agree, having AND logic and the ability to hide fields conditionally would be very useful.

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