Purchasing Request Form in Smartsheet


I want to produce a purchase request form in Smartsheet and I'd like to bounce a few ideas off the community. Please see the attached sample of what's used now.

Originally, I was hoping to use Document Generator to map the fields of a fillable pdf to a Smartsheet grid and then have people fill in this PDF to populate the Smartsheet. If I understand correctly however, data only flows one way from Smartsheet to the PDF and not vice versa. Can you confirm?

I could possibly create a form in Smartsheet, but it would certainly not look as presentable as this Excel sheet does. Are there any other mapping solutions to produce a form similar to this for people to fill out?

Are there any APIs (like Zapier) that might have similar functionality to what I am seeking?

How do other purchasing teams utilize Smartsheet?

Any advice you have would be truly appreciated. Thanks.


  • Mark Cronk
    Mark Cronk ✭✭✭✭✭✭

    Hi @Nick Allgauer ,

    Document generator is 1 way - data from Smartsheets into Acrobat.

    The only Smartsheets solution for this is a form. Your customers would use the form for input. You could then use the document generator to create a better looking form to send them as confirmation.

    Lots of innovative users in the Community. Someone may have another solution.



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