Cross Reference Continuously

I was able to use a formula previously provided to allow my pages to talk to each other;

INDEX=(thecolumwiththevaluesiwanted), MATCH(thecellwiththevalueiwanted), (thecolumwiththevalueiwantedagain), 0)

however, it was not continuous where updating the original page would update the corresponding spread. Is there a formula that will allow me to do that?

I.e. A PO# is placed on Sheet 1 and is automatically added to the PO# line on Sheet 2?


  • Can you provide more backgroung about your requirments and constraing?

    For the example provided about the PO#, it seems that a simple cell link to another sheet would work, if you know in advance the sheets, and source and destination cell, However I feel there more into it.

    If by "adding" you mean add a new row, then a copy row automation workflow could help, if you don't mind having all the other fields that will be copied from the original sheet.

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