Drag-fill not working?



I'm trying to create a list of dates. I need 01/01/21, 02/01/21,03/01/21, and so on. However, the drag and fill function doesn't cooperate. How can I get it to follow the pattern?


  • Sam M.
    Sam M. ✭✭✭✭✭
    edited 03/12/21

    Hi Anya,

    This solution might not be the most optimal.

    I tried the drag-fill and it does the same, but I found out a way to fill day by day.

    My format is dd/mm/yy.

    Put the first Date how you want it to start and then below it put a = and select the first date +1. After that drag the cell that has the formula.

    There is problem that if you modify the first row it affects the rest.* (solved in edit)

    This is the workaround I found,

    Hope it works for you,


    *Edit: I've done some testing and by doing the above, copying the dates and then doing a special paste only keeping the values maintains the dates without any formula so it doesn't have a dependency on the first date.

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