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Status Changes


Is there a way to run a report that will tell me all of the changes that have made in my sheets? I know I can go in individually and do that highlight changes command, but I have so many sheets it is impractical. I would prefer to accomplish this in a report that pulls in the data from all of my sheets.

- Adam


  • Brent Nathan
    edited 03/24/17

    Couple ideas:


    Option 1: This might be more easily accomplished by setting up a notification email alert (once per day or week) in each of your sheets that provides a summary of changes in rows.  You could then flip through emails more quickly than you wold accessing each sheet i would think.


    Option 2: Set up a "last updated" column with a formula  in each sheet that updates a datestamp when changes are made to certain cells you need to track. You could then run a report that pulls in data from each sheet based on the dates in your "last updated" column


  • J. Craig Williams
    J. Craig Williams ✭✭✭✭✭✭



    Option 1 might work.


    Option 2 won't work as there is no way in the GUI to watch for a change and then respond, that is, we can't see a value go from 2 to 3 and trigger on that change in a formula. Unless I missed something in the description.


    Option 3 Every sheet has a System column named [Modified] which is a Date/Time column that is updated when anything on the row is modified and the sheet is saved.

    The name can be changed by the end user. I avoid that if possible.

    A Report can be set up to use the [Modified] column as part of the When? criteria, whether the column is displayed on the sheet or not.

    This will show all rows that have been modified on all sheets in the Where? criteria.

    The problem is that the column names on sheets do not typically match. I have hundreds of sheets shared to me. Combined there are thousands of column names.

    It would not be practical, in most cases, to display all of the columns. Perhaps if there were a few of interest, this might work.


    Be aware that sheets that are saved that have the TODAY() function in a formula may show as modified, even if the user took no action.




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