trying to edit / change a formula to reference different columns


Need to change my column “Expected % Complete” to reference the “Actual Start Date” and “Actual End Date” columns (and not the “planned start date/planned end date columns”)

When I try to replace the column references, I get an “UNPARSED” error 

Change from this:

=IF(TODAY() > [Planned End Date (original)]@row, 1, IF(TODAY() < [Planned Start Date (original)]@row, 0, ((NETWORKDAY([Planned Start Date (original)]@row, TODAY()) / (NETWORKDAY([Planned Start Date (original)]@row, [Planned End Date (original)]@row))))))

Change to this?:

=IF(TODAY() > [Actual End Date]@row, 1, IF(TODAY() < [Actual End Date]@row, 0, ((NETWORKDAY([Actual Start Date]@row, TODAY()) / (NETWORKDAY([Actual Start Date]@row, [Planned End Date (original)]@row))))))

Can anyone help correct my formula above?


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