Hi all

Really appreciate your help so I have another question please.

The request to find out the total number of branches have been completed based but based on status as well.

New branches coming on board and are in different stages of being complete.

Was trying to use the SUMIF but not sure it will work.

=SUMIFS({MA Master Timeline Range 1}, "Post Day 90", {MA Master Timeline Range 2},

Doesn't sum the total of branches.

Thank you



  • Kelly Moore
    Kelly Moore ✭✭✭✭✭✭

    Hello Roshni

    I'm not sure I understand if you're counting or summing the branches. If summing, please make sure the range you are trying to SUM contains data that can be summed (numbers).

    In the formula posted above, the syntax is incorrect for the SUMIFs function. Without knowing what the ranges refer to, I believe you used the SUMIF (singular) syntax. Since SUMIFS (plural) always work, regardless of number of criteria and SUMIF (singular) only works with one criteria, my personal preference is to only use SUMIFS (and COUNTIFS for the same logic)

    =SUMIFS({MA Master Timeline Range 2}, {MA Master Timeline Range 1}, "Post Day 90")

    if Counting

    =COUNTIFS({MA Master Timeline Range 1}, "Post Day 90")

    I wondered though if a report, grouped by branch or status, would provide you with the information you need. Reports are extremely helpful when the data is dynamic , such as "New branches coming on board and are in different stages of being complete."

    Please see this post from Genevieve as an example

    As you continue to build formulas in the future, consider renaming your cross sheet references with the actual column names instead of keeping the generic smartsheet range numbers. This allows you and the community a better understanding of the ranges used in the formulas.



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