Saving a file set (with vlookups across files ) as a template Set


I would appreciate your help !

I have created a template set ...

3 files in the set

File1 - Scoreboard

File2 - Upload Sheet

File3- Upload Sheet 2

Master data across the files is the same, File 1 has a vlookup to file 2 & File 3 to upload actual results.

File 1 has calculated scores based on File 2/ 3 results.

I have set this up as a template set that I can 'save as' for another Metric.

When I save as ... The new template set references the old template set file names in the vlookup... The results are correct in the new Template set from upload files but the name references are not.

Template Set 1 - Metric 1

Template Set 2 (Saved As)-Metric 2 (Name references refer to Metric 1 file names even though file names in template set have been updated to Metric 2).

I hope this makes sense ! I look forward to community insights / feedback


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