Countif in multi select cell

Hi I would appreciae some help please

I need a formula the will total the number of enquiries in a column named status that has several other options in the multi select box but from 31/12/20 as opposed to giving me the total for the last 5 years!



  • Are the values in the multi-select integers or strings? I am trying to understand if you need to sum values if they fall within a date range or if you are trying to count the number of times a selection appears within a date range. A sample table screenshot would be helpful.

  • Hi David

    Thanks for picking this up I will try and capture one later when back at work but its basically a column named status with a lot of options in it that can be selected that shows the progress of enquiries we get. what i want to do is sum the total number of times from 31/12/20 that the option "enquiry" but not count other selected options,once i can get that to work i can then substitue the word enquiry for other options to give me an overview from 31/12 - today etc.

    Thanks for your help

  • Further to my last post this formula works fine for all entrys but i want it to only give me a total from 31/12/20 i.e. year to date 2021

    =COUNTIFS(Status:Status, CONTAINS("enquiry", @cell))

    any help much appreciated

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