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Multiple time (in hours) worked by number of weeks worked

Hi All,


I am almost done building a sheet that will show:

1) Time worked per day

2) Time worked over the course of weeks


The formula computing the duration  or #1, shows the computation in time hours; for example, 

StartTime Column reads: 12:00pm

EndTime column reads: 4:00pm

WkHours column reads: 4:00


To get total hours of time worked a set number of weeks, I added a WksInTerm column. The problem is that this formula: =SUM[(DayHours1) * (WksInTerm1)] results in #UNPARSE error message, but I want the TermHours to show the accurate result of muliplying WksHours and geting an outrcome of  -- 72.


Please help.





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