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Hello, I need some help. I'm trying to create a formula that if the status row is 100 %, the status row will change to "complete", and if it less than 100% = "in progress" and 0%= "not started" Also I'm not using any dependencies?

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  • Clydene Horrigan
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    Try this. I have a field called status that contains this formula. It looks at the field called "% Complete" on the same row.

    =IF([% Complete]@row = 1, "Complete", IF([% Complete]@row > 0, "In Progress", "Not Started"))

    When something is 100% complete, the value is 1, so the first argument would set it to complete. If that is not true, then it looks to see if it is greater than 0 and sets it to in progress. Otherwise, it will set it to not started by default.


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