IFERROR not working?

I'm having problems with IFERROR not working to remove an error.

I have this formula, which looks for a contact's information (First Last Name, OR E-mail address, or Nickname) - it looks for that information on 3 different columns. My problem is that if it doesn't find the information in any of the three columns, it shows #NO MATCH. And that NO MATCH is throwing off all my other formulas. I can't seem to work out the right IFERROR so that it would just be blank if it doesn't find what its looking for.

=IFERROR(INDEX({EmployeeCode}, MATCH([Contact 3]@row, {FirstLastName}, 0)), IFERROR(INDEX({EmployeeCode}, MATCH([Contact 3]@row, {KnownName}, 0)), INDEX({EmployeeCode}, MATCH([Contact 3]@row, {E-mailAddress}, 0))))

Can anyone see what I'm doing wrong?


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