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Would be really helpful if someone can suggest a solution to my below scenario:

  1. I have multiple projects in my program, I have a sheet which contains release names which is connected to task name project plan within program.
  2. I want to have a hyper link from my current cell to specific project task name. For example,

In my current sheet I have below release names

"CRM1.0 Production end user release training" is available in Project 1 and CLM2.0 UAT End user training is available in Project 2. How can find this specific "release name" present in a group of projects? VLOOKUP or MATCH can find in a specific project and I believe it cannot search in multiple projects as per my understanding.

Is it possible to have a hyperlink in cell "CRM1.0 Production end user release training" to connect to project 1? I want to get rid of manually linking to projects.

Objective of this exercise is to find a drill down tasks from each of these main tasks from specific project and fill up CHILDRENS in my current sheet.

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