Search within all multi-selected fields for duplicates


I am wondering if there is a way to detect when there are duplicates of a multi-selected item in another row.

My formula so far: =IF(OR(ISBLANK(Checkin@row), ISBLANK(Checkout@row)), "", IF(COUNTIFS(Checkout:Checkout, >=(Checkin@row + 1), Checkin:Checkin, <=(Checkout@row - 1), SiteNumber:SiteNumber, SiteNumber@row) - 1 > 0, "Double Booked"))

I am basically working towards a booking system. I want the Formula field to populate "Double Booked" when two booking's dates overlap, AND share a "SiteNumber". I have figured out the overlapping dates part, and the SiteNumber part works when the filed type is text/number, but that limits me to only allow one site number in the SiteNumber field.



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