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We have a PTO request application in which users submit requests for time off. There is reporting that is used by our payroll folks to enter the PTO dates into our payroll system.

So users don't have to fill out the form for each day they are on vacation we built the app so they entered a start and end date. If they will only be out one day they enter the same date in both fields.

Each Monday our payroll people look for dates in the past work week and enter those into the payroll system.

What I'm struggling with is how to get them that report. It should show any approved PTO for the previous Monday through Friday. Is there a way to parse out the dates between the start and end date somehow?

I'm not sure how to get them that report without having the users enter a row for each day they will be out.

I did create a column to show how many days the dates span, that may have to be enough unless someone out there has a better idea for how to do this.

Andrea Zenner

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Apogee Enterprises

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