Am trying to integrate Salesforce with Smart Sheets by using smart sheet api document but am unable to proceed after generating Authentication code.

It's throwing error when am trying to get refresh token.


  • Genevieve P.

    Hi @Harish

    What is the specific error you are receiving? Are you able to provide a screen capture? (But please block out any sensitive data from the screen capture.)

    Please note that only licensed Smartsheet users on Business and Enterprise plans have access to the API by generating Access Tokens (see the Developer Portal for more information).

    Is it possible that you're on a different plan than this? (See: Identify Your Smartsheet Plan and User Type.)



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  • Is there a reason why you're trying to refresh the token? If I remember correctly, a user's API access token is static once created and can be revoked but it is not necessary to refresh it. It's more like a secret in that way. You pass the API access token in the header of a request to smartsheet and it will get auth'd that way. If you are trying to create an app that integrates with smartsheet, it's different.