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I have a short list of company codes and head count in a simple table. When i attempt to do a simple vLookup from another table, i get inconsistent results although the values are in the lookup table. I strongly suspect it is user error but i have looked at it for so long i can't seem to rationalize it. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.

This is the lookup table. Both the Code and TechUsers columns are configured at Text/Number.

This is the sheet i am using to test the vLookup. I did a copy/paste of the Code column to this sheet from the lookup table. Couple of things i observed. The first is that even though the matching row is in the lookup table, i still get a #no match for some of the rows. Next, each row in the lookup table has a unique value for the number of users. However, if you look at JLG, the vlookup provided a value for a different row in the lookup table. There are multiple instances of this.

This is a screenshot of the reference setup between the two sheets. I created the reference and selected the header for the three columns.

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  • Mark Cronk
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    Hi @barrilleauxap ,

    Add "false" to the end of your formula so it searches for an exact match.

    =VLOOKUP([primary column]@row, {business headcount}, 3, false)


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