apply formula to cell based on drop down Yes/No selection


I am trying to achieve this outcome where if i select a cell drop down to "YES" it will apply a formula to the Production Email cell that will create an email address that uses a Facility Number along with some defined text.

Email Formula:

="Production" + [Facility Number]@row + ""

I need to have something like IF "Production Email Required" = Yes then insert - Email Formula

Any assistance or guidance will be greatly appreciated.

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  • Paul Newcome
    Paul Newcome ✭✭✭✭✭✭
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    Happy to help. 👍️

    Think of it this way...

    =IF(this is true, then do this, otherwise do that)

    =IF(this is true, run this other formula, otherwise do that)

    When nesting formulas, I find it is sometimes helpful to use "helper cells".

    Put this in one column we will call for this example "Helper Column 1"...

    ="Production" + [Facility Number]@row + ""

    Then put this in another column:

    =IF([Production Email]@row = "Yes", [Helper Column 1]@row)

    Now you replace "[Helper Column 1]@row" with the formula that is in that cell (excluding the initial = symbol) and you have successfully nested two formulas together.


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