Using SUMIFS with dates



I am trying to create a formula for summarizing data from a time log. I have a row with person's name, auto-generated row creation date and time spent in hours. I would like to make a formula that takes the sum of times spent only for a specific name and only if the created date was in the last 7 days. I am doing the calculations in a separate sheet so I have to use cross sheet references for the data validation.

I was able to get the first part to work where it only sums items where name matches:

=SUMIF({Summarizer 2.0 Range 1}, Name@row, {Summarizer 2.0 Range 2})

But I cannot get the date part to work. Here is what I tried:

=SUMIFS({Summarizer 2.0 Range 1}, Name@row, {Summarizer 2.0 Range 2}, {Summarizer 2.0 Range 3}, >=TODAY(-7))

Any idea what I am doing wrong?


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