Report Sheet Name Column Format Inconsistent

I'm finding when I build a report for a collection of sheets or a workspace, the formatting of the Sheet Name column is inconsistent from line to line. I have the report grouped by Project Name with the information coming from a workspace containing project schedules specific to those projects. Within the grouping (same project/same project schedule) I will have a variety of formatting. Looking at my report now, the first grouping is a single line middle center aligned and italicized, next grouping follows the pattern two lines top left aligned with no italics followed by three lines middle center aligned italicized, then two top left aligned no italics. There does not appear to be a repeating pattern throughout, other than the formatting is not consistent.

I'd like to make the report look professional instead of whatever is going on here. Anyone have suggestions? Why are we not able to format reports? Maybe format a report to format the background sheet?


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