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Trying to count the number of dates that are older than "Todays" date by 14 days.

So if today is 4.16.21, anything that was listed in my date column that is 14 days older than 4.16.21 would be counted.

Example: Date Colum has 2 rows filled out.

Row1 - has a date of 4.16.21

Row2 - has a date of 4.1.21

The formula cell would produce 1.

**I need the date to always look at the actual date of the document.**

In excel I used the following formula. =COUNTIF(Range,"<"&TODAY()-14)

Additionally, I will need to take that formula and add another condition to it. So is it older than 14 days from "todays date" -AND- is it listed as "Active" in another column.

In excel I accomplished this with the following formula: =COUNTIFS(Range,"<"&TODAY()-14, Range,"Active")


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