Countifs with age ranges

Hi. I'm trying to write formula where the age range is 10>= and <=19 yrs old. Here's my formula:

=IFERROR(COUNTIFS({OHCA Form - Agency}, $Agency@row, {OHCA Form - Review Complete}, "Medical Review Complete", {2021 OHCA Form - Etiology}, <>"Trauma", {OHCA Form - Incident Date}, ISDATE(@cell), {OHCA Form - Incident Date}, YEAR(@cell) = $Year@row, {OHCA Form - Incident Date}, MONTH(@cell) = January$1, {2021 OHCA Form - Age}, >="10", {2021 OHCA Form - Age}, <="19"), "--")

When I enter this formula, I receive a 0 but I know there are several for a given month for this date range.

When I used the same formula for age range <=9, it worked. I just can't figure out how to write the formula within an age range. help please?!




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