How to add WORKDAY function into a date cell using an IF statement

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I'm trying to fill in a date column that if another column is "Y-TK SEND", then the date cell should add 5 business days from another date column. I am able to get it to work if I don't use the WORKDAY function but I need this to be 5 business days and I have no idea where to put the WORKDAY. Please see the formula I have below:


  • Sorry I sent it before I finished. The 5 business days will be added to the Sample Receipt Date. I couldn't show it all one one screenshot. Thank you so very much!!

    Savita Ubhayakar

  • Oh I figured it out!! So sorry...I needed an extra comma! Thank you and sorry for the hassle!

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    Hi @Savita Ubhayakar

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