Is there a formula for what I have described below?


I want to add or subtract a row in a separate column when another column’s row has data. Basically I have a master column that houses certain numbers one being 46. I have other columns that are name Date item added and Data item removed (Date). My goal is that when someone adds a date in a row in the add column, the master row would add 1 and become 47. When someone adds a date to the remove column, the master row would subtract 1 and become 45.

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  • Richard Trader
    Richard Trader ✭✭✭
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    Thanks for sending that formula, even though it did not work I was finally able to get the results I needed, just had to go another route. I could never get the results in one formula, so I broke it down into two: =[Master ]4 + COUNTM([Date W Added]:[Date W Added]) and then =[Master]7 - COUNTM([Date W Removed]:[Date W Removed])


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