Setting a status based on date fields

Is there a way that I can update or set a status based on data in 3 other fields? What I am trying to do is set a status based on data being entered in 3 other fields - if those fields are blank, then status would be 'In Progress' if those fields contain data (dates or text) status is 'Complete'? Is this doable?


  • Mark Cronk
    Mark Cronk ✭✭✭✭✭✭

    Hi Bianca,

    You'll use nested IF statement with AND and OR. You'll need to add the right column names but your formula will be:

    =IF(AND(ISDATE(start@row), ISDATE(end@row), ISDATE(mid@row)),"Complete", IF(OR(ISDATE(start@row), ISDATE(end@row), ISDATE(mid@row)), "In Progress", "Not Started"))


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