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Column Heading Search

Is there a way to find all the sheets that contain a text string in a column heading?  I have 20 sheets that were all made with the same template (not ideal when you think of a new enhancment to the template--this has to be reflected in every sheet made with the template--a topic for another discussion/suggestion).  Originally I had set one of the column headings to "Date Due" and run a report with this filter included.  Problem is, I've noticed that some of my sheets column name is "Due Date" and are not showing up in my reports.  I want to be able to find all those sheets easily so I can make the correction.  It doesn't appear that this is part of the Search functionality.  I can search on "rows" by not columns.  Any tips out there?  Thank you in advance!


  • Hi Tracy,


    As you've found, search doesn't currently return column header information. One way that you can solve this is to, in the Report Builder form, click the When? button and locate your due date columns in the column picker. You can hover your cursor over all of them and see what sheets they're being sourced from.

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