JOIN/COLLECT when referencing a Dropdown (Multi Select)


I am trying to use a conditional IF based JOIN/COLLECT to generate a phrase in another column for notification purposes, but the column that the JOIN/COLLECT is referencing is a multi-select column and I can’t figure out a way to join multiple items from that column together.

The column of interest is a list of possible allergens that could be in a food product. Based on the number of allergens present the phrasing may change. For instance. If “wheat” is chosen as an allergen It would say “Contains: wheat”, If “wheat and milk (lactose)” are chosen as allergens it would say “Contains: wheat and lactose” and then a final option if more than two are chosen the final result would include commas in addition to the “and”. I am trying to avoid including the allergen selections in separate columns, but currently if I try to JOIN/COLLECT 2 or more selections on the multi drop down it repeats both selections. Example: “Contains: Milk (Lactose) Wheat and Milk (Lactose) Wheat”

Below are screenshots of the columns and formula currently being trialed.

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