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I am receiving a #REF error when trying to countif from a master data sheet. I have not updated or modified anything in this sheet or the one the data is pulled from. I also tried deleting a the formula from a few cells and starting new but the #REF error still occurs. Is this functionality down? Thanks!


  • Kimberly Loveless
    Kimberly Loveless ✭✭✭✭✭✭

    That usually means something is wrong or missing in what the formula is referencing. I know I have gotten this before with a cross sheet formula when I accidently clicked off of the entire column selection to a single cell.

    I would double check your references and make sure nothing has been changed or removed as well

    This article is great for determining the issue with the formula as well Formula Error Messages | Smartsheet Learning Center

  • nikkikuhne

    Looks like they are working again after some time has passed. This is a working sheet I add to every week for tracking, not sure what happened since nothing is adjusted once the formula is saved.

  • Gavin Warner

    I have been having this same issue over the last couple weeks.

    The formula is not wrong and no change needs to be made, as it will correct after some time-- but this down time causes issues for my company.

    We have many sheets that all talk to each other, a master list that provides data to many other sheets. This sheet provides all kinds of information including roles and assignments to projects.

    It seems like intermittently (about once or twice a day), the sheet stops flowing to all the other sheets and either changes the values to Blank or #REF like the picture above.. After a little while the connection is restored and back to normal..

    This causes many problems however because so many of our sheets have automations that send notifications to people -- When they are assigned a task, when a task assignment is changed, etc... This glitch causes many of these notifications to go out each day that are overwhelming, incorrect, and leads to miscommunication.

    Do you have any advice on what could be causing this to occur? OR how we can stop this from happening?

  • Enfield Homes

    I have the same issue. Cross Sheet References worked perfectly for 2 years and then suddenly started returning errors such as REF# or INVALID REF.

    The formula is correct, but I have tried re mapping the cells which seems to work temporarily for most rows, but strangely not all rows.

    Upon refreshing the sheet or logging back in the references revert back to REF#.

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